I believe that travel is an opportunity for personal growth. I disagree that you cannot combine a serious job or hobby with traveling. There are so many amazing, unique and life-changing destinations and experiences around the world to make some incredible memories.

I have been traveling in Europe for the past 10 years. I have visited 14 countries. I would describe myself as a citizen of the world. I speak fluently and confidently four languages: english, french, russian and bulgarian. I tried to learn also german and I applied to a course for the basic A1 and A2.

I have been studing french language 12 years. I gratuated the French school Alphone de Lamartine in Sofia, Bulgaria. My dream was one day to live in France. I was 19 years old when I went all alone to Paris with the idea to live and study there. This was my first solo trip and it truly changed my life. I met some amazing people there and even that I didn't achieve the point of going there, I spend four incredible mounths.

Before that trip I could describe myself as an introvert. I was a really shy person. I hated to speak to new people and I always have avoid big companies. After arriving in Paris the first week I felt so lost and so alone. I missed my familly, I missed my confortable zone as well. But I couldn't go back imediatly because I actually liked that city and I wanted to stay. There were a battle inside me and I made the decision to stay just for the whole summer and on September to come back to my country Bulgaria.

I wanted to learn how to live at a new place where I don't know anybody. To see how does it feel to start a new life. Where nobody around knows you and where everything is new for you. After the first month I have already found two friends with who I spent most of my time in Paris. The first one I met at the train station where I got actually lost xD. He were from Singapour. We have traveled together in the train for like an hour and it was enough to discover how many things we have in common and we couldn't stop talking the whole time. We exchanged our phone numbers and we continued our connection during my whole vacation there.

Some days later while I was in a bus I've heard a woman speaking my native language (bulgarian). She was talking on the phone with somebody so I couldn't just interrupt her conversation. I became probably a stalker because I was waiting till she hand out the phone. But she didn't stop talking! Like ten minutes later she was about to leave the bus and still talking on the phone! And it wasn't the bus station that I was supposed to go but I went after her like I was out of my mind xD. I wanted so much to speak with somebody on my native language because it has been more than two weeks without talking free to anybody. And having in mind that I was such an introvert, I felt how things are strongly changed now and I would beg for a normal conversation with somebody around on my native language.

Well I made the first step going out of my comfortable zone. I said "Hi" to a complitely strange woman and tried to start a conversation. I haven't felt so nervious from a lot of time. But for my surprise things went well and that's the short story how I met my second friend in Paris. Actually after some days she was the person I spent almost my whole time with. I discover many places in Paris with her. The last moth before leaving Paris she even invited me to live in her appartement and guess what! She was living next to the Eiffel Tower. It was an amazing end of my trip. She was my first room mate in my life and I was so grateful to live with her even for that short time. I can probably write a book if I have to share all the stories with her in Paris. I have never felt so alive during my whole live. We had some great time and we met some more great people together!

I can say that this trip changed my mind for a lot of things. I felt myself like a complitely different person. Since then I strated to love traveling and meeting new people.

Embrace your dreams, travel, and achieve your goals!

A list with the countries I have visited:

  • France
  • Austria
  • England
  • Greece
  • Neitherland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Monaco
  • Germany

Dream big and learn from your travels.

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V. Stefanova

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