Gem Stones

For many years one of my hobbies is to collect gem stones and crystals. I believe that each stone has its own energy and vibration. Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations.

I am also a lover of jewelry and at the begining of 2018 I created an online shop for handcrafted jewelry from real gems. I made all of them by myself. The nights after work when I get home this is the way for me to relax and stop thinking about anything. I just get my pliers, some steal and a piece of crystals and create a some jewelry. At the begining I made them all for myself, but when I saw that people around me actually like what I do, I created my own online shop to sell them. At the moment it is supposed to be only on the bulgarian market.

The name that I choose for the shop is Pretiosa Amulet which from latin language means Precious Amulet.

I found many information about the crystals on the internet. A lot of people write about healing and stuffs but for me the truth is that if you believe in something, it becomes real. It is right that the crystals reflects some kind of energy, but they also collect the energy from the outside. So it is not the sort of the gem that has the exact power but how you feel about it. What you believe that this stone attacts and reflects it becomes the truth for you and this is what actually helps you.

The main reason I collect stones is because I simply like them. For me is facinating how the nature has created so beautiful formation with so many different color variations. It is hard to find real gems at good price on the market but this is also a part of my hobby and brings me true joy when I succeed.

The best gift to me is for sure a gem stone... and a good book. They can last forever. No roses needed :D

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V. Stefanova

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