Since I was a little child I started to enjoy observing celestial objects in the night sky. I didn't have a telescope, so I was using a binoculars and actually it does a good job. With it I could even see the craters of the moon. I've always wanted to study Cosmology and at school my favourite subject was Physics. I wanted to become a scientist and probably one day an Astronat.

Telescopes can be expensive but you don’t actually need a telescope to have an astronomy hobby! All you need is a night sky with some stars in it and you can get started right away. Naked eye stargazing is a great way to start an astronomy hobby. It’s as cheap as chips! In fact, you don’t need anything at all except for your curiosity.

I believe that there are many worlds out there that we can't even imagine in our minds. Probably even if we see them we wouldn't recognize them because our brains aren't supposed to understand what we see. I think that the universe is full of live and everything in the cosmos has it's own purpose. And maybe our purpose is to dicover as much as possible of it.

I love reading books about astronomy. Also nowadays most of the fascinating news you can easily find online, so if you are also interested I would recommend to follow this site: Skyandtelescope.org Also I like to collect pictures from space with good quality and one of the things that I do as an 'hobby astronom' is to check a new picture or video of the skies on a daily basis from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Beside NASA official site and FaceBook page, another interesting site that gives short and plain answers to questions that can come to your mind if you are a begginer at astronomy is www.coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/asks.

If you are passionate about some sphere then you must have an idol to inspire you to keep learning. I can say that my bulgarian idol for Astonomy is the astrophysic prof. Lachezar Filipov. He has many interviews online on YouTube and everybody can have access to some of his lectures. Some of the most interesting interviews you can find on the YouTube channel of Stoycho Kerev from his show 'The new knowledge' (bulg. Новото познание). Also Hristina Kotlarska has asked him some very good questions at her show 'Without format' (bulg. Без формат). These interveiws are also reachable online if you look for them.

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