Why having a blog?

For me having a blog is simply a place where you can express your ideas and find your audience. I think that anyone has a unique angle and a perspective on something that’s worth sharing. You might think you don’t know as much as person X, but person Y might have much less experience than you and would benefit from reading your thoughts and learnings.

I don't care if I am not a good writer.Remember that you will never become a good writer unless you practice writing every day for years. Only then you will become a good writer, eventually.

# Why writing is great

One of ways I learn best is by doing. I literally decide on a topic I think I know something about, and I drill down in a spiral loop through things I didn’t know, or I didn’t even think about. They say you never fully understand a topic until you are able to explain it. Blogging is a low barrier to explaining things.

I have made myself some rules:

  • Not to write the article the same day I want to publish it. I'd rather write if a few days in advance to have a time to re-read it on fresh mind and check if I am consistent with the topic.

  • If everyday you write down 10 ideas for a blog post, that’s 3,650 ideas a year. At least a few of those will be good ideas. When you feel inspired to write, you will have an argument perfect for that day.

  • Wake up earlier before work to have the time to read at least one article from another developer's blog while having my breakfast.

  • Keeping me up to date with the topics I want to write about.

  • Avoid popups and ads Really. No popups. They don’t work if you target other developers as your readers, they are annoying, and Google might even penalize you for using them. Also I think that ads are not wort it, unless you have thousands of visitors a day.

# Write it for Yourself

Before you start writing for others, write it for yourself! And you better do it on your own platform! As a programmer, you must know your importance in this tech-centric world. You are an important asset of the generation. Apart from earning $$$, you should spend some of your time on blogging. It will add extra benefits to your career and you can be a reason to inspire other fellow programmers or students. Know your worth and the importance of blogging for you.

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V. Stefanova

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