About Vue.js

Vue.js is getting more and more popular, becoming a meaning competitor to frameworks like Angular or React. Developers’ love towards Vue.js is increasing every day. As a beginner-friendly front-end framework, it successfully conquers the hearts of junior front-end developers and people who just started to learn front-end programming. The first thing before staring to learn Vue is to check why it was created. What problem was solved with it and of course read the documentation.

Vue.js has downright excellent official documentation that lets developers discover pretty much every aspect of Vue and its ecosystem. The official guide has examples and detailed descriptions. API docs target most issues devs might encounter while coding.

All you really need to get going with Vue is a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Although not necessary, some experience with using frameworks is also welcome, even more so if you’re after building more complex web apps.

I've always wanted to create a game. I am still learning, but here you can check out:

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V. Stefanova

Engineer Front-end developer