Name: Veronica Stefanova

Address: Varna, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359)-884-894-364

Speaks: English, French, Russian, Bulgarian

Motto: "Blood, sweat, and respect. First two you give, last one you earn."

I am an Engineer Front-end developer. My passion about creating websites has involved me professionally in this sphere. I adore learning and improving my skills.

I have a Bachelor degree in Industrial Management. The last year of my study in the Technical University I decided to gain new skills and therefor I applied into the Software University in the capital of Bulgaria. I realized that I am truly passionate about web development. So as soon as possible I wanted to discover what I am capable of and I applied into several courses after the university. I started creating websites for friends and just for fun as well.

I graduated on May 2018 and I started my first job as a Junior Front-end developer on June 2018 in one of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria. I am so much grateful for the opportunity that this company gave me! They have taught me a lot, a lot much more than I expected. Later on December 2019 I moved to another great company which has involved me even in the back-end process. The success and fun I have in this job is immense and really keeps my passion burning.

Random facts:

I love:

  • cats

  • observing the moon with a telescope

  • making jewelry from gemstones

  • travel around the world

I dislike hate:

  • notification sounds of mobile apps

  • online chats

  • stalkers

  • rude people