Veronica Hristova


Hi! I'm Veronica Hristova

Engineer Front-end developer with six years of experience of designing, developing, and managing websites. Currently working for a great company in the heart of Varna city, Bulgaria.


What I work with

I create "Pixel Perfect" websites "PSD to HTML" and I like to use BEM standards.

Web Development

Main resposability of my work is User Interface and I make miracles with CSS.

Web Design

I am love with JS animations and I enjoy experimenting with WebGL libraries.


I am using PHP to create premium custom themes for WordPress.


A few of my thoughts

Always learning

Play with Vue.js

Obviously, Vue is not tailored to game development. But to me Vue is universal multipurpose framework and I find good reasons to give it a chance.

Green Sock Animation Platform

In love with GSAP

GreenSock JavaScript libraries give you a vast array of options when selecting the necessary tools to make any animation on your site come alive.